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Please read this carefully.
Take your time.
There is plenty of.
Now more than ever.

(You may be thinking different, but I think its the spirit of 2020 that we all cool down now and learn the graceful lecture to be patient.)


Now about this page!
This page was made for data analytics experts, trend scouts and experts in generally. Its made to get better views on the actual media news articles. Its made to show you the buzzword trends.

Since about 2013 its running now, the access to this data was always open.

Why? The visits where not so much, so this was no deal ... but - as these weeks are and go, in almost every country of the world - the interest grows.

Thats also a danger. Buzzwords f. e. are good for brokers who are experts, no rookies. The rookie maybe panics. Its a phenomena of these days that panic and alert are high. This page documents this increases.

Luckily the last days it seems that the shutdowns in the western world also decrease the panic vocabulary in the media. That means: They actually get softer, friendlier again. In the Obama times the Rate was most time about "200", what means there are in the international news media pages 2 words with something about changing, innovation etc. for each word with conservative, quiet, slow and peaceful connotation.

Now, in the last years, it jumped up to 800 or more, that means 4 times higher than 2014. I thought something was running wrong with the programm or the engines ... it grew and grew and grew ... but I never found a mistake.

(And for good expertises you always need to check all possible mistakes.)

Data Analysis like that is not my main business. Such features are created for a special purpose, or personal interest, and afterwards they are running on and you almost forget about them, like other cron-job-features. (But this is no cron-job-feature, that would be to slowly). This one here I found interesting again in the last monthes. And the data now is spectacular.

Its the special idea behind, that the engine learns. It learns also the character of the contents. For example the citings in the page - they are optimated for the special media situation. Often I really wonder what it says. As I started, it was like "HEY GUY HERE IS EARTH SPEAKING TO YOU ..."

Well, but after a while following these trends you forget that.
Its just an impression.
And as you see, the citings can stay over days till they change.

Actually its interesting that the news were never that monothematic ... not in the last 6 years. Enjoy this times!

Now, before you maybe find a button here to click on the expert page with the actual data - i want to ask you to read this carefully: My capacity for this service is small. Very small. Its an expert tool. Please first think very carefully if you think you are such an expert. If you really need this information. And if you think so, and you find the button, than please just fetch the data and leave for 12 hours. Thats enough time, because the engines for the buzzwords are made, that the information updates very slowly. (Very good in this times!?)

Why? I started with a very fast one. But that makes you dizzy. We are not at Wall Street. Its made to give you a bigger impression. For myself I also maximally look at the data three times a day.

Thats enough.


You wont believe.

People get addicted.

Now they are addicted to follow the death rates of the societies ... that is not the best idea. Its for experts. And even for them: Never too much too fast. This whole globe is - imho - not in that big danger everyone thinks. Danger increases with panic. Checking tickers is pure panic. Better be patient and cool minded. Thank you.

Now the next question: Do you really like to get this information? Its an important point. Please read it carefully. Its not a Pricacy Policy or something like that, where you just scroll down to find the OK-Button. Thats your real life here, the medial data around you. It can give you also critical feelings if you see what the journalists of the world and also other important influencer are writing. (And: No, its not based on Twitter data. They are not useful. Its pure main-page-media-data across the globe. Made with a small analytic tool, that works - slowly - in real time, as long as my machines are able to - and most times they are ;)

At the moment its maybe a very heavy input. Like WORST NEWS. But thats mirrowing reality. As I follow this data since 2014, I have the feel it gets better now in the last weeks. The Changes had their peak, now we are going down, climbing in another valley on our alltogether-journey on this nice planet!

To understand the features: The buzzwords are coloured. Red means aggressive vocabulary, like the color red is psychologically associated. Green is peaceful, like yellow ... black is depressed, sometimes dangerous. You dont need to look on that too much, because this animation is made for subcontious input. You get the feel automatically!

Then, second aspect, and that fits to the poor people who are tickered in these days of dying because of lung disease and viral and bacterical intoxication: If the bar is very long, then the last crawls over news pages hat these buzzwords very often. They are the climbers.

Third, you find the quote on the bar. Because you are an expert, I dont have to explain this. If you didnt know that automatically, maybe its better NOT to click and save traffic for real experts.

Keep in mind: Our planet runs out of vital ressources. Thats on of the main keys of the big troubles in this times. I personally found myself in a new world: Before I also went to a supermarket to by things to save MY life in and after all this trouble. But that has changed now. Wow! Now I think: Only buy things you really nead. And even more: Things, that can help also the others around me. Thats social thinking. Its new. Maybe a good idea for a new feature, that is no more checking only INNOVATIONS, but SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR and THINKING.

Thank you for reading this.
Its hopefully helpful enough for the non-experts, who stop here. Your stopping is a real great idea and business! Wonderful! We learn a lot these days. The other ones, click now the button. But dont think its too spectacular. Its made 2013 and aestetically not very sexy nowerdays.


If here is no button, please wait 2 hours before reloading to look for the button. Merci.

And a last wish: Only screenshot it for personal use. Its for the moment. If there is more interest, there are possibilities to make it easier accessable ... or maybe not, if people cant get used to it. We will see that now. Its no panic ticker, its no wallstreet. Its just reality.

Patience plus love,